The start

Tangerine is a design consultancy with incredible pedigree internationally. With a number of landmark innovations to their name, they needed a way to communicate their balance of creative and commercial progress.

The strategy

Through a series of remote strategy workshops, we realised that Tangerine didn’t want to reposition, but rather wanted a unifying idea. After some back and forth, we honed in on the concept of the ‘leap’.

The execution

The ‘leap’ gave us a device to bridge to creative and commercial, speaking about innovation without having to lean on the word too hard. It felt broad enough to flex across Tangerine’s whole ethos, but specific enough to have value for potential clients.

Leading us to win more business as people start recognising themselves and their challenges
- Martyn @ Studio Unbound
The end results

The ‘leap’ concept is bought to life and clarified across the new site by KOTA, giving Tangerine a lens to see everything through. From their proposition to their processes, they’re taking leaps, helping clients take them, and making sure it always lands.

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