How to write your

agency’s About page (without it sounding [.eiko] shit [.eiko])

By Roland Gurney | Updated on: Mar 31, 2022

One of the ironies of marketing is that agencies often find it difficult to market themselves. Perhaps the best examples of this bizarre lack of self-marketing are the “About Us” pages on websites. The humble “About” page is your potential client’s go-to when they want to learn more about your agency. Most clients are going to navigate to it fairly soon after landing on your site. So it needs to be good.

Unfortunately, a lot of About pages are, for lack of a better word, a bit shit. They don’t tell you anything useful, they don’t sell the agency, and they’re kind of a waste of internet space.

The big reveal is:

Your About page isn’t really about your agency.

It’s about why you’re the right agency for this client.

So now you have the inside scoop, here are some tips to help you improve your agency’s About page.

1 . Clear over clever

“We are craftspeople who make products that help our clients and their audiences lead better, easier, happier lives.”

This is an actual example from an agency’s About page. We won’t name and shame them, but come on. Look at it. What does it mean? Any guesses as to what this agency does?  Well, it turns out they’re a branding and design studio. Not that it actually says that on their About page. The trouble with this example is that it tries to be too clever. And this is an issue a lot of agencies stumble upon.

It’s easy to see why. Marketing and design agencies are creative and clever. It’s no wonder they try to convey that through their About page. But more often than not, your potential clients simply want to know who you are and what you do. The best way to give them that information is to, well, give them that information.

  • Keep it simple.
  • Keep it to the point.
  • And keep the cleverness for your clients.

2. It’s about your clients

Yeah yeah, we know. It’s your About page, so it should be all about you. Except, you aren’t actually writing it for you. Not really. You already know everything about your agency. Your About page is actually for your potential clients. And, like any good marketer will tell you, that means that it really needs to be about them.

Consider this example:

“Our desire is to become the most qualified and trusted digital marketing agency in the UK, a task that we are well on the way to achieving.”

That’s a great ambition for any agency to have, and it’s a valid point to mention in your About page. But if you’re reading that as a potential client, you’d be forgiven for thinking, “So what?”. It doesn’t tell the client anything useful. So what if your agency wants to become the most trusted? If anything, that makes potential clients wonder why they aren’t already.

Volvo don’t start their car adverts by saying, “We’re hoping that this car will one day be the safest.”  Your About page is about your agency, sure, but it also needs to drive home the reasons why a client should choose you.

  • Focus on what clients care about, not just yourselves
  • Less inspirational backstory, more tangible results
  • Get some personality across, no cliches

3. Be specific, be simple

There are a lot of agencies out there. Which means their About pages start to sound generic, like this:

“We are a fully integrated agency offering robust and creative solutions for brand strategy, brand development, creative design, websites, digital and SEO/SEM campaigns that drive our clients brands and businesses forward.”

Or this one:

“We are an award-winning digital agency in London, that looks to engage with our clients beyond the conventional design and development agency relationship, becoming a partner to the people and companies we work with.”

Or even this:

“We’re a digital agency that takes pride in creating success stories. Driven by understanding your challenge; fanatical about data; inspired by user insight.”

You see what we mean? These could literally be describing the same agency. In fact, they could be describing any agency. Instead, you need to focus on what makes your agency unique. Let’s face it, there are a lot of other agencies offering exactly the same services. But maybe your agency is comprised of people from non-marketing backgrounds (like us!). Or maybe your agency actually uses AI to generate the copy you use for your clients? Or maybe your agency is planning to build a headquarters on Mars?

Find the one thing that makes your agency unique, and then convey that through your About page.

4. Let your fans write it

This might seem counterintuitive, but sometimes it’s better to not really write your About page at all. That doesn’t mean hiring another agency to do it (though maybe that would work too). What we mean is that you should consider using social proof on your About page. If a potential client’s reading your About page, then they’re at least interested in working with you. That presents a great opportunity to try and seal the deal.

Client testimonials are amazing at convincing new clients to talk to you. You probably already have some dotted around on your site. But a lot of About pages seem to leave them out.

  • Use client testimonials
  • Use your online reviews to show off a bit
  • Use quotes from positive press or PR

5. Express yourself

Every agency is made up of interesting people with unique approaches to life, and work. So let your agency’s silly or serious side out, talk about the food you love or the films you hate, show clients the people they’ll be dealing with - not just the services they can hire.

And avoid a tedious history of how the company started and every stepping stone along the way. Instead, find the things that went wrong, the hard lessons and the times you triumphed in the face of adversity.

if you’re the founder(s), try writing from a first person perspective to build a sense of personal connection. Be honest and write it as yourself, not as a summary of your life in business.

  • Speak like a brilliant human, not a bland press release
  • Swear, joke, laugh, be stupid, be vulnerable, open, honest, challenging, whatever
  • Avoid a tedious chronological history - nobody cares, sorry

6. Go on a mission

Okay so ‘purpose’ is blatant buzzwording right now, but working for something other than cold hard cash can help clients feel more at ease. You don’t have to be single-handedly saving the world, but maybe you back a local charity, go on sponsored bike rides or have recycled toilet paper. Avoid green-washing, but build a narrative that goes beyond the normal creativity built on strategy angle that most agencies adopt.

  • If you have a purpose, shout about it
  • Don’t pretend to work for a deeper purpose, it just looks like cynical greenwashing
  • Make it human, not a dull mission/vision statement

7. Stand out, or get lost

When you get a second, read about 10 agency About pages. Spot the difference? Nope, us neither?

So when the world zigs, zag. Go left field. Show some of this infamous creativity you promise clients. Why not do a video About page, straight to camera, no copy. Or create an About page made entirely of internet memes. Or tell your story using pictures drawn on post-it notes. The point is that clients see a fair few of these pages and they all blend into one homogenous blob of babble.

Those who dare to be different will land more clients. But make sure you’re not on a vanity mission, it still has to prove you’re the right agency to choose.

  • Be different, break rules, avoid being bog-standard
  • Make sure it’s still about your clients, not an agency ego stroke
  • Research all the agency About page cliches, then avoid at all costs


About pages ain’t easy. Which is why most agencies google a template then fill in the boring blanks. The world belongs to those who are willing to take a few risks, being open and upfront, chatty and human, bolder and braver, and above all - focused on the clients, not themselves.

It takes time. And edits. Lots of edits.

So get cracking - and contact us if you need a hand.

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