Copy noobs: avoid  this bunch of [.eiko]cults [.eiko]

By Roland Gurney | Updated on: May 02, 2023

Copywriting is pretty nerdy. You’ve gotta love playing with words. But let’s be brutal, it’s not a career that most kids lust after. In fact, most people I know haven’t even heard of it.

But there’s a whole ‘industry’ built around writing these words. An industry with its own ‘legends, gurus’ and ‘inner circles’. An industry where you can earn five figures for writing five words.

An industry where you can carve an amazing creative career and unshackle yourself from that drab middle management desk you’re sat at right now.

But it’s an industry where the big dogs feed on fresh meat.

Copywriting celebrities - yep, they’re an actual thing

You see, there’s even a personality cult in copywriting. So called A-listers and copy celebs. Big names with big followings, all hawking their own brand of be-like-me packages. They attract legions of devotees who join their groups and buy the brainwashing for thousands. Every word is treated with reverence.

Holy Gra*l that’s good! I’ll take five!

These heavy-hitters shift books, courses, mastermind groups, hangouts, calls, coaching, ebooks, private Facebook groups, probably a few T-shirts or branded pencil cases.

And who buys all this? New, nervous copywriters mostly. All looking for the answer.

Buy my million dollar formula for just… five dollars

But here’s the thing; what worked for the top guns won’t automatically work for you. And if they really had a reliable, scalable way to make money - why would they sell it? Surely you’d use it to make reliable, scalable amounts of cold hard cash, right?

Nope, the reality is that copywriting only gets you so far. There’s definitely money there, don’t get me wrong. But these big names are often making as much, if not more, from the personality cult of copywriters.

Why? Because it’s easier to target other copywriters than it is to find and service massive clients all the time.

Okay, before you block me I just wa-

You’re probably thinking; Fuck you, I bought a course and it changed my life. You’re probably thinking that from inside your gold-plated jet on your way to pitch Nike your idea for Do Just It. I’m happy for you. Genuinely. Fingers crossed they like it.

But you’re probably one of the copywriters that would have made it anyway. You’re not one of the masses that buy and burn their way through these miracle cures. Because, let’s be honest, not everyone who buys this stuff will bank big. If at all.

There’s a pyramid; a handful at the top, the hopeful at the bottom. That’s business.

But, but, but who do I worship?

Everyone needs a guide at times. Totally natural. And I’m not hating on anyone that needs support. Christ knows I do. Join groups, get the course, buy the book - whatever.

But don’t believe that anyone - anyone - has worked it all out. We’re all feeling our way in the dark. Embrace that. Keep the faith in your own ability to find your own place on the pyramid.

And avoid false idols.

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