A visual identity
that represents
the [.eiko]real you[.eiko]

Bigger clients come with bigger expectations, so dull or DIY branding can knock a prospect's confidence that you can deliver. As your agency moves upstream, you need to rebrand to reassure bigger buyers they're in the right place.

Elevating your
branding to look
and feel [.eiko]premium[.eiko]

You'll leave with a set of beautiful brand guidelines that set out exactly how your agency looks and feels. You'll get all the designs, assets and templates you need to implement the new brand. As well as support and guidance from us as you transition upstream, away from the lookalikes.

Creating [.eiko]fresh[.eiko]
visual assets
and guidelines

Discovery and summary

Inspiration boards

Concept routes

Remote visual identity workshops

Visual guidelines containing;

  • Brand overview
  • Logo and lockups
  • Typeface and styling
  • Colour palette
  • Imagery and photography
  • All files, assets and licenses

Here's how the
process works


You'll be invited to send us early inspirations, then we'll share some ideas about creative directions.


You'll be presented with three visual concept routes, and we'll discuss which elements work for your new vision.


We refine the chosen route and iterate until your new identity comes to life across all assets and brand guidelines.

"This is the first time in our rebrand that we've actually enjoyed reviewing something. Kudos to you. Really strong stuff."
— Lee @ Ecstasy of Gold
Gimme some
FAQing answers
Do you outsource this to someone?
Nope, we have full-time, in-house designers who'll work on your visual identity. They've worked across multiple brands and agencies so they'll bring fresh ideas to the table.
Is this a tweak or a total rebrand?
It's up to you. If you just want to update your current brand then we'll still go through the process. And if you want a totally new look and feel then that's cool too.
How long does this process take?
As expected, it depends on calendars, availability and speed of feedback. But as a rough steer, about 3-6 weeks as a standalone product and potentially less as part of a bigger program.

Look and feel like
the[.eiko] real you [.eiko]

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