Own one strong
narrative so you
[.eiko]truly stand out[.eiko]

Beyond the usual pick-a-niche plays, we position your agency around a strategic narrative. It's that standout story you own that people know you for, attracting the right clients and the best talent who buy into what exactly what you stand for.

Attract the right
clients by need
state,[.eiko] not niche[.eiko]

You get an internal strategy deck that sets out the best way for you to stand out, attract the right clients, and win. It'll clarify the challenge or change you specifically help overcome, and the impact this creates. Plus an explanation of why this strategy is the smartest play.

Get everyone
telling the same
story[.eiko] everywhere [.eiko]

Discovery and summary

Remote narrative workshops

Functional narrative, containing;

  • Service category
  • Business type
  • Target client
  • Client key objective
  • Competitive difference
  • Selling points
  • Proof points
  • 3D Positioning® score

Here's how the
process works


You'll complete stakeholder questionnaires and be asked to upload relevant strategy documents and decks.


You'll be taken through a set of strategic workshops to define the old way, your solution, and the new world to come.


You'll be sent a narrative deck that tells your strategic story in words that everyone gets, believes and aligns behind.

"The strategy process helped bring us all together and align us on one direction"
— Phill @ YaYa
Gimme some
FAQing answers
Is this the backstory of our agency?
Nope. This is the big story about your work and world that sets you up as the solution. It's a strategic way to position your agency around an ownable and emotional narrative.
Who needs to be in the workshops?
You'll need senior team leaders in the workshop to define the agency's narrative. Because this is the big story everyone needs to tell, so it has to come from the top.
How long does this process take?
As expected, it depends on calendars, availability and speed of feedback. But as a rough steer, about 2-4 weeks as a standalone product and potentially less as part of a bigger program.

Stand out with a
[.eiko] stronger [.eiko]narrative

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