Define your place and [.eiko]own your space[.eiko]

There are millions of agencies out there. That's why you need a standout idea that makes you distinctive, and helps you rise above the ranks of generic, generalist and cliché competitors.

The Process

Brand positioning audit

You'll be sent stakeholder questionnaires so we can gather some initial insights. We then analyse and audit your agency and landscape, creating recommendations about how to move forward.

What you get

  • Positioning questionnaires
  • Positioning, competitor and market audit
  • Brand positioning audit PDF

Brand positioning workshop

You'll be guided through structured and practical remote workshop using Miro. We hone in on that one core idea that separates you, then explore how it's brought to life through the work you do, the way you do it, and the reasons clients should care.

What you get

  • 2 hour remote brand positioning workshop
  • Structured brand positioning exercises
  • Workshop exercises PDF

Brand positioning PDF

Once your positioning and core concept are nailed, we crystallise it all into a clear, cohesive slide deck. It details the essence of who you are, what you do, who for, and how you're distinctive. It helps align your team behind your vision, setting the strategic direction for your future growth.

What you get

  • Positioning summary deck / PDF
  • Core strategic concept defined
  • Agency overview and narrative
"You did an excellent job of exploring our agency’s identity and putting it into words. Really happy with the outcome"
— Sam Martin-Ross @ Digital Uncut

Great, but can’t we just skip to

the [.eiko] writing bit[.eiko]?

Nope, sorry. Great writing comes from great positioning. Our process has been honed through constant optimisation, conceptual arguments and perpetual coffee binges. It’s a non-negotiable because we know it works.

Gimme some
FAQing answers

[.semi-bold]Can you work alongside this consultant we’ve hired?[.semi-bold]

Although we’re easy to get along with, too many cooks spoil the positioning broth. You need one clear vision, seen through to execution. So nope, sorry.

[.semi-bold]Are you going to push us to niche?[.semi-bold]

Not necessarily. Our positioning process flexes to find the best way for you to stand out. That might be by service, client, process, philosophy, fight, narrative, brand personality, approach or more. We’re not a hammer looking for a nail.

[.semi-bold]Do you do in-person positioning workshops?[.semi-bold]

We don’t really, sorry. Because we work internationally, we’ve honed our processes to be digital. We think it’s fair that everyone gets the same level of service, regardless of location.

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