Wow-moment messaging

and less [.eiko]generic mess[.eiko]

It's easy to waffle on about yourself, but it never sells well. And as your agency grows, your team get confused about what your message is any more. That's why we define exactly what to say so you attract the kind of clients you deserve.

The Process

Brand messaging audit

There's so much meaningless messaging out there. First, we analyse what you say in comparison to your closest competitors. We look for patterns and cliches to avoid, as well as the right language to appeal to your target audience.

What you get

  • Current brand messaging audit
  • Competitor messaging audit
  • Brand messaging audit PDF

Brand messaging workshop

We take your finalised positioning and big idea, then explore lead message ideas through a remote workshop. Through structured exercises and healthy debate, we hone in on your main message, secondary messaging and proof points - as well as mapping your key web page messaging.

What you get

  • 2 hour brand messaging workshop
  • Messaging exploration
  • Workshop exercises PDF

Brand messaging PDF

You get a PDF that contains all the core messaging you need to take your positioning and big idea to the market. We explore multiple creative versions and work with you to narrow it down to the core messaging that works best for clients.

What you get

  • Value proposition, elevator pitch, key selling points
  • Talent proposition and culture messaging
  • Brand messaging PDF
"We've been swamped with 6 new clients last month. I’m not saying it was your copy or anything.... but something's working."
— Andre Moses @ Prof.

What if we've not [.eiko]nailed[.eiko]
our positioning yet?

If your big idea is still vague, weak or waffly, we'll either pass it back to you to develop or suggest you go through our positioning process first. Because we can't polish up poor positioning.

Gimme some
FAQing answers

[.semi-bold]What if we need other deliverables?[.semi-bold]

Well, we're happy to chat about writing other things once we've nailed your messaging. This way we can be confident that what we write will actually work.

[.semi-bold]How do we know if the copy is any good?[.semi-bold]

We can help validate it by running some testing. This might be a simple preference test we send to previous clients, or a paid test using a B2B messaging tool like Wynter or something similar.

[.semi-bold]Can you design and build our website too?[.semi-bold]

Sure, we work with a handful of design and development partners we trust to do our work justice. If you're interested just let us know and we'll arrange an intro meeting.

Let's go