Using art and science

to win you [.eiko]clients[.eiko]

To grow your agency you need exciting marketing that generates leads. But that's not enough. These leads need to convert into sales, and these sales need to be worth more than you've invested. That's why you get a blend of sharp creative marketing and smart data analysis, working with both our strategic copy team and agency growth consultant.

The Process

The art: creative content

Inbound, outbound or shake-it-all-around-bound, you get an expert team that creates cut-through content, from cold email outreach to LinkedIn thought leadership to standout paid advertising. We make sure you're taking your strongest message to market.

What you get

  • High-level and on-brand content
  • Creative campaign concepts
  • Monthly marketing meetings

The science: growth consultancy

You'll meet monthly with our business growth consultant to dig into the cold hard facts of how well the marketing and sales activities are (or aren't) working. Together, you'll track leads generated through your CRM, monitor ROI through your accounting software, and measure key metrics like sales, conversion rates and costs as you go.

What you get

  • Analysis of leads, sales, costs
  • Conversion rate and ROI
  • Action plans and accountability
  • Monthly growth meetings

The clients: closing deals

Working with both your growth consultant and marketing strategist, we'll improve how you close deals. We'll analyse your sales process, from enquiry to proposal to signed contract and identify areas to tighten. Then we'll monitor your conversion rate to help increase your ROI.

What you get

  • Sales process analysis
  • Deal closing strategies and techniques
  • Pricing and packaging input
"Some really fantastic stuff here and we feel like you’ve really understood and got the brief nailed throughout"
— Namuli Katumba @ Manifest Agency

Leads without the [.eiko]sleaze.[.eiko]

Growth without the [.eiko]grind.[.eiko]

Look, we don't do spammy cold outreach that ruins your reputation. We're about high-quality, targeted marketing that makes a measurable difference. Because you want more leads and more money each month, not a load of pissed-off people who hate your pushy marketing.

Gimme some
FAQing answers

[.semi-bold]What kind of content do you create?[.semi-bold]

We handle all written marketing materials in-house, and partner with people when you need additional services. The specifics are all outlined as part of your unique strategy, based on what’ll get the right clients coming in.

[.semi-bold]How does the billing work?[.semi-bold]

You pay a monthly amount to retain our strategic and creative team to market and grow your agency. It's a rolling contract and you can end it anytime with 30 days notice.

[.semi-bold]How do you measure leads and revenue?[.semi-bold]

You'll need to give us access to your CRM, accounting software, and any relevant tech or tools. Your data is stored securely. This means we can make a measurable difference to your agency, not just send you some vague stats each month.

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