Be a bolder brand

everyone [.eiko]buys into[.eiko]

How your agency looks, sounds and feels is vital to winning the kind of clients you want. You need to come across as confident and cohesive, from your logo lockups to your tone of voice.

The Process

Brand identity audit

First we get your input on what kind of brands inspire you, as well the kind of competitors that are in your space. We dig into the trends, styles and cliches for your industry, giving you valuable insights into what's working and what to improve.

What you get

  • Current brand identity analysis
  • Competitor brand analysis
  • Brand identity audit PDF

Brand identity workshop

We get together in a remote workshop to explore design concepts, inspiration and ideas. We'll analyse brands you like and and build a deeper idea of where your brand is going both visually and verbally.

What you get

  • 2 hour remote brand identity workshop
  • Design concept exploration
  • Workshop exercises PDF

Brand guidelines PDF

As your business and brand grow, you need a single source of truth to make sure you always come across in the right way. These guidelines show how you look and sound, so your team can take your brand forward without confusion.

What you get

  • Visual identity; logo, colours, typeface
  • Verbal identity; voice pillars, writing guides
  • Branded guidelines PDF
"Some really fantastic stuff here and we feel like you’ve really understood and got the brief nailed throughout."
— Namuli Katumba, Manifest Agency

Yeah, but this isn’t

[.eiko]that important[.eiko], right?

Having a stronger brand look and feel is vital to attracting better clients and talent. Because your brand is people's gut feel about your agency, whether you're right for them. Get it wrong and you're already starting relationships on the back foot.

Gimme some
FAQing answers

[.semi-bold]How many concepts to we get to see?[.semi-bold]

Normally 2-3 design concepts will be presented and you'll work with us to refine it down to one. This chosen route then gets expanded out into the full visual and verbal guidelines you need.

[.semi-bold]Is it going to be full of fluffy brand bullshit?[.semi-bold]

Absolutely not. We hate that stuff too. So don’t expect your vision to be ‘We want to make things better’ or your voice to be ‘Friendly and Human’. It’s all very specific to what makes you special, so if something’s not landing we go back to the thinking to get that right first.

[.semi-bold]Are the brand guidelines designed in our brand?[.semi-bold]

Yes, they'll be designed using your new brand identity so they're good to go as soon as you get them. This means less time mucking about redesigning them in your style.

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