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Screw the awkward 'ballpark figure' dance. Let's crack on with turning your agency into a standout brand that lands brilliant clients.

Brand [.eiko]Positioning[.eiko]

Brand positioning audit
Brand positioning workshop
Brand positioning PDF
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Brand [.eiko]Identity[.eiko]

Brand identity audit
Brand identity workshop
Brand guidelines PDF
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Brand [.eiko]Messaging[.eiko]

Brand messaging audit
Brand messaging workshop
Brand messaging PDF
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"The agency was turning over about $1 million. Now it’s turning over $6 million. And that’s all because our positioning is understood now."
— Kevin Smith @ SmashBrand
What if I need
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Then drop us a line and we can chat about it. But look, we don’t write things without any understanding of your business, brand or audience. Want some hasty web copy? Head to Upwork.

All the FAQs
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Do we have to start with Brand Positioning?
We recommend it if you’re serious about standing out, but we can jump straight into the other packages if that’s definitely what you need.
What if we’re a big agency?
If it’s clear that your project’s going to involve more stakeholders, deeper research, extended meetings etc. then we’ll discuss bespoke pricing with you first.
Is this everything you do?
It’s the core of our offer, but we also add value with expert website copywriting, case studies, creds decks, sales materials, marketing strategies, new business plans, content and more.
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