The Big Question
How do you explain the value of visionary design?

Tangerine are a design consultancy, famous for huge projects like designing the BA flat beds and innovations like flying cars. But this kind of work is so bespoke, they struggled to communicate the approach that underpins their work.

The Big Idea
Creative leaps

We struck on a positioning around Creative Leaps; those game-changing moments that really propel a business forward. Then we explained how these leaps work and why they're so valuable. And it gave Tangerine a brand language around forward momentum and dynamism, mirroring their innovative designs.

The Big Impact
Positioned to feel like premium innovators

The new positioning and messaging gave Tangerine a way to clearly communicate everything they're capable of. Working worldwide, this became the foundation for a new business drive as the agency looked to regain it's reputation as one of the industry's best innovators.

"We were astounded by how quickly you were able to get our stakeholders aligned behind a positioning"
— Laurie Bushe, Head of Marketing

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