The Big Question
How do you reassure clients the design will bring results?

SmashBrand are a package design agency who do more than just make products look pretty on the outside. Instead, they go through deep data and validation processes to test their designs. But their old messaging didn't pack that punch of clarity and confidence.

The Big Idea
Packaging design proven to perform

This crisp, alliterative concept captures the whole essence of the SmashBrand USP. It uses the language of digital and data agencies but in a consumer packaged goods context. This gives prospects a sense that they're de-risking the design process - which makes them more likely to buy.

The Big Impact
From $1m to $6m – that's the power of positioning

SmashBrand have scaled massively thanks to a clear USP, strong positioning, and crisp go-to-market messaging. They continue to attract household name CPG brands and are set for incredible growth.

“The agency was turning over about $1 million. Now it’s turning over $6 million. And that’s all because our positioning is understood now.”
— Kevin Smith, Founding Partner

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