The Big Question
How do you bring rigour and results to brand licensing?

The brand licensing was ripe for change. Historically, it was seen as fluffy and nobody took ownership. Skew had a different approach, one built on validation and measurement. But they needed to make prospects understand.

The Big Idea
Part strategy. Part style. All substance.

Skew were clearly a creative agency, buzzing with incredible ideas. And so we wanted to ramp up the strategic side of what they did. By marrying both sides of the spectrum, we could show that Skew not only deliver beautiful work but also tangible value for brands.

The Big Impact
Bringing the biggest brands to life through licensing

Skew have gone from strength to strength since repositioning. Cementing themselves as the go-to brand licensing agency has helped them win work from the likes of Abbey Road Studios and Formula 1, growing their team in the process.

"If you need copy for your business you should definitely check them out."
— Oliver Dyer, Director

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