Radish Lab

The Big Question
How do you blend design ingenuity with social impact?

Radish Lab give a shit about the world, working exclusively with social change organisations. But their old positioning and messaging didn't reflect this fully, underplaying the value of the work they do championing the changemakers.

The Big Idea
Strong ideals. Strategic ideas. Smart design.

The new positioning concept unifies their commitment to social justice with their broad thinking and expert design. The three-part central message works in layers, with macro at the top and micro at the bottom - mirroring the depth of delivery they bring to clients.

The Big Impact
A stake in the ground to stand up with real purpose

The new positioning and messaging isn't all about Radish Lab, but how they empower their clients to change the world. There's authenticity and humanity throughout their new messaging, designed to speak to their prospects in a language they resonate with.

"We are super happy with Treacle's work. Thanks so much to your team!"
— Joshua Burcham, MD

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