The Big Question
How do you attract brands who crave digital creativity?

Kota create incredible websites and digital marketing campaigns. They had some household names under their belt and wanted to win similar clients who want to create something fun, not just functional.

The Big Idea
Rebel against boring

Dull design and digital is everywhere. Anyone can churn out templated lookalike sites. But it doesn't change a business. That's why we positioned Kota as the antidote to dull design, battling against boring to bring creativity and originality to every project. Because that's a fight worth winning.

The Big Impact
A new narrative full of artistic flair and rebel spirit

The new positioning and messaging cements Kota's place as one of the most creative digital agency's out there. We scrapped the old soundalike messaging and set out a new stall; blending digital artistry with a rebellious philosophy. And now Kota have a stronger narrative to help them stand out.

"We love the work you have done. I've just had a whizz through and some really good bits. Thank you."
— Jonny Bradford, MD

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