Pushing you to places
you wouldn’t reach [.eiko]alone[.eiko]

The value of external expertise is challenging you to go further. We're not argumentative, but we don't just nod along if we think things could be better.

The team
Headshot of Roland Gurney
Roland Gurney
Headshot of Wendy Lorraine
Wendy Loraine
Head of Content
Headshot of Stacey Borrow
Stacey Borrow
Financial Controller
Headshot of Joe Daniels
Joe Daniels
Head of Operations
Headshot of Rebecca Da Silva
Rebecca Da Silva
Head of Syrup
Headshot of Emma Cook
Emma Cook
Creative Copywriter
Look, let’s be honest...

...you don’t care about our vision or values. You don't need our tedious history. We don’t have some cheesy mission statement on the wall. In fact, we don’t even have walls - we work remotely and always have.

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"The most creative writers we've ever worked with"
— Alexander Acker @ Adventure House NYC
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